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 Howard Miller Grandfather Floor Clocks

You can decorate a room with most beautiful furniture, however it will not look complete until it is adorned with a fine grandfather clock. There are a variety styles to choose from, such as the traditional, contemporary and futuristic design.  Where would you place the most classic style clock of all?  The Grandfather Clock or also known as the Long-case Clock seems to be best suited in a foyer or entry way of your home. It also works very well in a large room such as the living room, dining room, study or den, even the bedroom for some. It also works very well  at the reception area of your office.  The grandfather clock generally measures in height around 7 feet,  give or take a few inches either way. They can be the eye-catching piece in a room when placed in the right  location and with careful consideration in choosing the correct piece. 

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