Howard Miller Curio Cabinet Instructions - Manual

Safty tip for curio cabinetSafety Tips:

  • Ensure that the curio cabinet is positioned square and firm on the floor so that it will not fall over. Some cabinets are equipped with adjustable floor levelers. Adjust the levelers for maximum stability and proper alignment. (The levelers may have unscrewed unevenly during shipment.)
  • Some cabinets include a Safety Strap. Follow the instructions included with the Safety Strap to ensure maximum stability. (See step #5)
  • Keep plastic bags and small parts away from children.
  • Cabinets may be lit using a halogen lamp. Halogen lamps operate at high temperatures. Combustible materials or those adversely affected by drying or fading from the heat
    should not be placed close to the lamp.

Cruio cabinet glass and clips

Safty tip for curio cabinetCare of curio cabinet glass Shelves:

  • To prevent breakage of glass shelves and collectibles, good judgement must be used during the installation and loading of glass shelves. Heavy loads on the shelves must be
    distributed and must not exceed 25 pounds.
  • Glass shelves must be properly installed onto the shelf supports provided and should not be overloaded. (Figure 8 & 9)
  • Care should be taken when placing items onto each glass shelf. Sudden shock from any size item can result in broken glass, personal injury, or damage to valuable items.
  • The end use of this cabinet is beyond our control and therefore, the Howard Miller Company cannot assume responsibility for broken glass or personal effects.

How to setup curio cabinet


  1. Inspect the inside of carton and packaging to make sure you have removed all separately packed parts, including shelves, shelf supports, door lock key, No-Reach™ or Touch-Lite™ assembly.
  2. Locate the package of glass shelves. The shelves may be located:
    1. Inside your cabinet and secured with shipping clips. To remove the shipping clips, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. (Figure 1)
    2. On top, underneath, or along side of your cabinet. You may need to lay the cabinet on it’s backside to remove the shelves from underneath the cabinet. Use caution when removing these shelves.
  3. If available on your cabinet, turn the adjustable floor levelers, that are on the bottom of the cabinet, all the way in (up). (Figure 2)
  4. Identify one of the following light switch options provided with your cabinet and install as directed.
    No-Reach™ Light Switch

    1. No-Reach™ Light Switch: Installation
      Locate the light On/Off switch. Insert the switch inside the plastic bracket by pressing the electrical cord wires into each slot. Peel away the adhesive paper from the backside of the bracket and press firmly to the backside of the cabinet in the desired location. (Figure 3)
      switch for howardmiller curio cabinet
    2. Touch-Lite™ Pad: Installation
      1. Remove the Dimmer Block, Power Cord and Sensor Wire from the plastic bag, usually located on top of the cabinet. (Figure 4)
      2. The Touch Pad Key Holder Assembly is located in a plastic bag with the shelf clips.
      3. Attach the Touch Pad Key Holder Assembly to the end of the Sensor Wire. (Figure 5) Use care to avoid bending as damage may occur if this is forced on.
      4. Peel away the adhesive paper from the backside of the Dimmer Block. Press the Dimmer Block firmly to the top of the dust panel or to the backside of the cabinet to allow convenient access to both the power source and the Touch Pad Key Holder. (Figure 6)
      5. Peel away the adhesive paper from the backside of the Touch Pad Key Holder Assembly. Verify that the Key Holder is to the bottom and the attachment to the Sensor Wire is at the top. Press the Touch Pad firmly to the backside of the cabinet at the desired location. (Figure 7)
        curio cabinet touch sensor installationSome cabinets include a safety strap
    3. Touch-Lite™ Pad: Operation
      The light begins in the off position. The operation is sequential and will advance to the next Light Illumination Level with each subsequent touch to the Touch Pad.
      1st touch = Low Light Illumination Level
      2nd touch = Medium Light Illumination Level
      3rd touch = High Light Illumination Level
      4th touch = turns light off

      curio light opeartion howard miller usacurio cabinet touch pad sensor wire
  5. Position the cabinet by moving the cabinet to its final location.

    Safty tip for curio cabinetSafety Strap: Some cabinets include a safety strap. If so, review the instructions included with the Safety Strap at this time and choose the assembly option which best fits your application. These cabinets should be attached to the wall for maximum stability. If your cabinet does not have this feature, proceed to the next step.

    install curio cabinet glass shelves
  6. Install the curio cabinet Glass Shelves.
    1. Securely place the shelf supports into the desired holes inside the cabinet. (Figure 8 & 9) There are several holes that can be used for shelf height adjustment.
    2. Install shelves. Starting at the bottom and working upward, place each shelf onto the shelf supports. (Figure 8 & 9)

      Note: Depending on the style of your cabinet, a middle or top shelf may not be adjustable and will either rest on shelf supports and/or wood rails. This shelf could be a
      different size than the other shelves and is labeled accordingly. If a shelf is smaller than the others, it will be marked with a label. Install this shelf per instructions.
      Note: Do not put any items onto shelves until finished with this instruction guide.
  7. Close and secure the door(s) using the lock or latch as provided with your cabinet.
  8. Level the cabinet. Place a level alongside the cabinet from front to back and side to side (Figure 10). On some models, there are adjustable levelers under the cabinet, that can be
    turned in (up) or out (down) to make adjustments. (Figure 2) Adjust the levelers until the cabinet is level in both directions, and is square and firm on the floor. This is the only time a level will be used.