Howard Miller Radio Controlled Clock Model 625-236


A radio controlled clock is a clock with an internal radio receiver that is permanently tuned to receive a special time signal transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) radio station WWVB, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The WWVB transmitter is linked to a cesium atomic clock, the most accurate time keeping device in the world with a time deviation of less than one second in one million years. Your Howard Miller radio controlled clock is specially programmed to interpret the WWVB time signal and set itself to the correct local time. For more information on the WWVB signal and radio controlled clocks you can visit the NISTweb site:



The signal transmitted by the NIST is strong enough to cover the entire continental United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. As with any radio signal, geographic features, weather disturbances, and structural characteristics will affect the strength and reception of the signal. Please note the following points:


  1. It is highly recommended that you start the clock at night and let it attempt to receive the signal automatically overnight. Best signal reception occurs between 10:00PM and 5:00AM.
  2. For best performance, try to place the clock near a window, preferably such that it is facing Fort Collins Colorado.
  3. Do not locate the clock near a radio, television, computer, electrical raceways, power lines, electric motors, microwave, or any other device or appliance that can cause electrical interference.
  4. Do not place the clock on or next to a metal surface
  5. Enclosed areas and structures of concrete and steel such as a basement, office building, or factory can be difficult locations for radio reception and are not recommended.

Howard Miller Radio Controlled Clock

Radio ControlledButton Functions


  1. MODE Button: Switches display between Normal Time Mode and Alarm Time Mode
  2. SET Button: In Normal Time Mode, changes between 12 / 24 hour formats; In Alarm Time Mode, changes time zone.
  3. ADJUST Button: In Normal Time Mode changes display from Month - Date to Year In Alarm Time Mode, turns the ALARM / SNOOZE functions ON / OFF
  4. RECEIVE Button: Manually turns the radio receiver on for 10 minutes.
  5. SNOOZE Button: Temporarily silences the alarm when the snooze function is activated.
  6. RESET Button: Resets the clock and display in case of malfunction.


RadioControlled Howard Miller Clock

Getting Started

  1. Remove the battery cover by pressing down on the tab and pulling outward.
  2. Insert one fresh 1.5 volt AA size alkaline battery as shown in the diagram in the battery compartment.
  3. Replace the battery cover
  4. When the battery is first inserted, all segments of the LCD will be shown briefly. If there is no display after inserting the battery. use a bent paper clip or some other blunt tipped instrument to press the RESETbutton.
  5. The clock will automatically start scanning for theWWVB time signal within 10 seconds of installing the battery.
  6. The default time on the clock is 2:00 a.m. If the clock is able to receive the WWVB signal it will set the correct time and date automatically after a few minutes.
  7. If the clock is unable to receive an acceptable signal within the first 12 minutes the radio receiver will turn off. The receiver will turn on again at 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. This cycle will be repeated each day.
  8. The default time zone is PacificTime.To change the time zone refer to theTime Zone Setting section.

Note: You may not receive a signal immediately. Let the clock run overnight as best signal reception occurs between


Time Zone Setting

  1. Press the MODE button to enter the Alarm Time Mode.
  2. Press the SET button to change the time zone.
  3. Press the MODE button to exit.


Signal Strength Indicator

Flashing wave signals indicate that the radio receiver is turned on and the clock is searching for a signal. The strength of the signal being detected is indicated by the number of waves flashing.


Radio Controlled signal quality


If the clock receives a signal and is able to successfully set itself, a non-flashing indicator symbol appears in the display, indicating that the clock time is in synchronization with theWWVB time signal.

After setting, the clock will continue to search for the radio signal daily and make adjustments if necessary. If the clock is unable to detect a signal the signal strength indicator will disappear from the display.

Note: You may press the RECEIVE button at any time to turn on the radio receiver in order check the signal strenght or automatically set the time. If the indicator shows an acceptable signal strength, the location should be suitable for the clock. If the indicator shows a weak or bad signal, place the clock in a another location and press the RECEIVE button again. Since the radio receiver consumes battery power pressing the RECEIVE button frequently may reduce battery life.


Manual Time and Date Setting


If the clock is unable to receive the radio signal and set automatically please refer to the section on Coverage and Placement. If you are still unable to receive a signal the clock can be set manually.

  1. Remove the battery from the battery compartment for 30 seconds and then re-install.
  2. Press the SET button for a few seconds until the hour starts flashing in the display.
  3. Press the ADJUST button to set the hour. For fast setting press and hold the ADJUST button.
  4. Use the SET button and the ADJUST button to set the rest of the time and date. The setting sequence is: 
    Hour > Minute > Second > Month > Date >Year >
  5. Press the MODE button to exit the setting mode.

Howard Miller Radio Controlled

Alarm Setting

  1. Press the MODE button to enter the Alarm Time Mode.
  2. Hold the SET button for a few seconds until the hour starts flashing in the display.
  3. Press the ADJUST button to set the hour..
  4. Press the SET button again and use the ADJUST button to set the minutes.
  5. Press the SET button to exit the setting mode.

RadioControlled Howard Miller clock

Using theAlarm and Snooze Functions

  1. Press the MODE button to enter the AlarmTime Mode
  2. Press the ADJUST button to turn the alarm on. The bell icon will appear in the display.
  3. Press the ADJUST button twice to activate the snooze function. The snooze icon "Zz" will appear in the display.
  4. To turn the alarm and snooze off, press the ADJUST button until both icons disappear.
  5. When turned ON, the alarm will sound each day for 1 minute at the set alarm time. To silence the alarm before then, press any button on the back of the clock, except for the RECEIVE button.
  6. When the snooze function is turned on the alarm will sound for 1 minute and will “snooze” for three minutes and then sound again. To temporarily silence the alarm before the 1 minute is up press any button on the back of the clock except for the RECEIVE button. The alarm will repeat this sound and “snooze” cycle 4 times and then will turn off until the next day.


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