Corner Display Rustic Cherry Finish Grandfather Clock | 611252 Celine

16" (41 cm), 84.75" (215 cm), 27" (69 cm)
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Howard Miller Carved Bonnet Pediment Floor Clock with Brass PendulumNew 2018 Howard Miller clock collection


Howard Miller Grandfather clock designed and assembled in USACable-driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement with automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.Illuminated dial for viewing in a darkened room.You will receive a free heirloom plate, engraved with name and date, by returning the enclosed request card to Howard Miller.Locking door for added security.Automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.

611-252 Celine

  • This triangular shaped floor clock is designed to be displayed in a corner — creating maximum presence while utilizing minimum floor space.
  • Rustic Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers is lightly distressed for an aged appearance.
  • Bonnet pediment features a dramatic carved shell framed by stepped swan neck pediment moldings.
  • The elaborate, polished brass finished dial features cast corner spandrels and center disc, a circular brushed silver chapter ring with applied brass Arabic numerals, and an astrological blue moon phase with a pierced star pattern.
  • The polished brass finished pendulum and weight shells feature a complementing cast center disc and weight shell bands.
  • Multi-tiered base features a decorative cutout.
  • The locking door replicates the curve of the pediment and features a shell and vine overlay, and also features plain glass on the upper door and beveled patterned glass on the lower door.
  • Fluted columns with detailed column caps frame the door.
  • Removable panels on the backside offer easy access to the movement.
  • The inside of the case features a mirrored back and can be illuminated to showcase the dial, pendulum, and weight shells.
  • A high-precision, German-made Kieninger® cable-driven, Westminster chime movement plays 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes accordingly with full chime and strike on the hour.
  • Automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.
  • Free Heirloom Record Certificate with brass-finished capsule is included.
  • Free brass Heirloom Nameplate will be engraved with your name and special date.
  • Three floor levelers level the cabinet on any surface.
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Free heirloom brass capsule certificate

Overall Floor Clock Dimensions:

  • Height 84.75" (215 cm)
  • Width 27" (69 cm)
  • Depth 16" (41 cm)
  • Wall Dimension: 19" (49 cm)


Weight (lb):
16" (41 cm)
84.75" (215 cm)
27" (69 cm)

Product Specifications

Howard Miller
Numeral Type:
  • Arabic numerals
  • Single Chime
Key Features:
  • Cabinet is illuminated by an interior light
  • Chime Silent Option
  • Free Heirloom plate will be engraved with your family name and special date
  • Locking door for added security
Rustic Cherry
  • Cable Driven
Movement Plays:
  • Westminster Chimes
Crown Style:
Bonnet Arched

More Product features

Howard Miller

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Free Shipping White Glove Delivery SetupFREE delivery service takes 2 to 3 weeks and it includes a scheduled appointment within a time delivery window. The grandfather clock will be brought into your room of choice, unpacked, and placed in your desired location. Once done, they will take away all the packaging to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Howard Miller Authorize service centerIn addition to Free shipping, we do also provide Free set-up for your mechanical grandfather clock by an authorized Howard Miller service person.



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