Limited Edition Ornate Dial Triple Chime Mantel Clock | 630260 Howard Miller

6.75" (17 cm), 12.50" (32 cm), 22.75" (58 cm)
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Howard Miller Clocks and FurnitureHoward Miller Traditional Limited Edition Glass Top Mantel Clock

Key-wound, triple chime movement with automatic nighttime chime shut-off option and durable bronze bushings.You will receive a free heirloom plate, engraved with name and date, by returning the enclosed request card to Howard Miller.

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630-260 Bradley

  • Limited Edition Mantel Clock - only two thousand wil be crafted - finished in a highly polished and buffed Windsor Cherry with fifteen different species of hardwood and veneers.
  • Bookmatched Russian Walnut Burl on the Cherry case features a Movingue border with Ebony and Maple accent lines and decorative inlay consisting of Padauk, Silver Gum, Wenge, Magnolia, Beech, Avodire, Anegre, Pearwood, English Sycamore, and Kingwood.
  • The ornate dial features a pierced, polished brass cast center and applied satin black Arabic numerals on a silver chapter ring. The cast center disk is numbered and specially inscribed with "Limited Edition."
  • Curved, beveled glass panels offer a view of the intricate workings of the brass movement. Polished brass also lines the inside bottom of the case.
  • Hinged door on the backside offers easy access to the movement and convenient winding key storage.
  • A high-precision, German-made, Kieninger key-wound, triple-chime movement plays choice of Westminster, St. Michael, or Whittington 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes accordingly with full chime and strike on the hour.
  • An industry exclusive dual-ratchet winding arbor ensures safe movement winding.
  • Free heirloom plate will be engraved with your name and special date.
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Overall Mantel Clock Dimensions:

  • Height 12.5" (32 cm)
  • Width 22.75" (58 cm)
  • Depth 6.75" (17 cm)


Weight (lb):
6.75" (17 cm)
12.50" (32 cm)
22.75" (58 cm)

Product Specifications

Howard Miller
Numeral Type:
  • Arabic numerals
  • Triple Chime
Key Features:
  • Automatic nighttime chime shut-off
  • Free Heirloom plate will be engraved with your family name and special date
Windsor Cherry
  • Keywound Chiming
Movement Plays:
  • St. Michael's Chimes
  • Westminster Chimes
  • Whittington Chimes

More Product features

Howard Miller
My wife and I purchased limited edition mantel clock for our 20th anniversary. We had our anniversary date and names engraved on the heirloom plate to forever remember that significant date in our family. Very pleased with the high quality and one of a kind details.
My entire family is in love with this Bradley Limited Edition mantel clock! The detailed designs are beautiful, especially the top where the intricate clockwork is visible. The three featured chimes are much like that of a grandfather clock. We definitely recommend it!
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