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Tip-Resistant Safety Strap

This cabinet has been equipped with a Safety Strap to help prevent furniture tip-over.

This Safety Strap is not a substitute for proper parental supervision andcommonsense.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for improper installation or excessive loads placed on screws, brackets or straps.

Due to the variety of floor coverings (i.e. plush carpets, linoleum, etc.), it is important that the cabinet is positioned square and firm on the floor.
Adjustable levelers are located on the bottom of the cabinet for this purpose.

Install the Safety Strap prior to assembling any interior components such as glass shelving, pendulum or weight shells.



  • The following tools are required (not enclosed):
    Pencil, Drill, 3/32” drill bit and a Phillips head screwdriver
  • This kit provides the proper length screws to secure your cabinet to a standard 5/8” thick drywall and wood stud construction. Consult your local Hardware Store if your wallboard thickness or wall stud materials are different.
  • Review the assembly figures and determine which construction best describes your cabinet. Your cabinet may be constructed with a thin or thick top panel.


1. Locate a wall stud directly behind the cabinet's final location.

2. Mark the center location of a Strap Bracket on the wall at the stud location, approximately 1” below the top of the cabinet.

3. Mark the center location of a Strap Bracket on the cabinet so the screw will penetrate the solid frame rail or the solid top, depending on how your cabinet is constructed. Do NOT position the Bracket directly behind the back panel and/or glass mirror.

4. Verify the Safety Strap will be able to connect the two marked locations once the Strap Brackets and Strap are installed.

5. Drill a pilot hole in the center of the wall stud at the marked location.

6. Drill a pilot hole into the cabinet solid frame rail or the solid top. Do NOT drill completely through.

7. Use the Long Screw: attach the Strap Bracket to the wall stud.

8. Use the Short Screw: attach the Strap Bracket to the cabinet.

9. Move the Cabinet to its final position and thread the Safety Strap through the Strap Brackets.

10. Tighten the Safety Strap until it is snug. Do NOT over tighten. Note: The Safety Strap has a release tab that can be used if the cabinet needs to be moved or relocated.

cabinet assembly safty strap


thick top panel solid safety strap


Strap to secure the clock to the wall.

  • H. 10" (26 cm)
  • W. 1/4" (.7 cm)


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