Silver Squared Digital Radio Controlled Alarm Calendar Wall Clock | 625236 Howard Miller

1" (2.5 cm), 9.25" (23 cm), 8.75" (22 cm)
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Howard Miller Tabletop or Wall Mounted Radio Controlled Clock

Radio controlled, battery operated movement.Auto Daylight-Savingsā„¢ movement automatically adjusts for Daylight  Savings Time.Alarm Clock

625-236 Techtime II

  • Two-tone titanium and satin silver alarm clock with LCD display.
  • Large 2" numerals display the time, with selectable 12 or 24 hr. time format.
  • Day of the week, month, and date are also displayed on the dial.
  • May be wall mounted, or displayed on a tabletop using folding easel stand.
  • This clock receives a radio signal from the cesium atomic clock, the most accurate clock in the world.
  • Radio controlled clocks display Continental US Time Zones only.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Radio signal interference may occur near electrical items or within some structures.
  • Radio controlled, battery operated alarm movement, automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time, and requires one AA sized battery.

Overall Wall Clock Dimensions:

  • Height 9.25" (23 cm)
  • Width 8.75" (22 cm)
  • Depth 1" (3 cm)


625-236 Radio Controlled Clock Manual

625-236 Radio Controlled Clock Manual and How to adjust the time.



Weight (lb):
1" (2.5 cm)
9.25" (23 cm)
8.75" (22 cm)

Product Specifications

Howard Miller
Numeral Type:
  • Digital numbers
  • Non-Chiming
Key Features:
  • Accuwave DS clocks automatically reset by receiving radio signal from the cesium atomic cock, the most accurate clock in the world, Radio controlled
  • Alarm Clock
  • Automatically adjusts for daylight savings
  • Quartz / Battery
  • Radio Controlled

More Product features

Howard Miller
We have ordered this atomic digital wall clock for each of our rooms for the entire office. Thanks for the great offer for a big quantity order. All our staff members are happy with this purchase. Looks nice and very easy to read digits from a distance. We also like the option of using it as both a tabletop clock and wall clock. It's perfect because not only does it tell time but also the date and day.
very nice and unique clock. I use in my office. Thank you,
This clock has never adjusted itself for daylight savings and is a real pain to manually set. I'd rather have a regular clock that I set myself.
It keeps very accurate time.
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